The original Coding Nest was created when two slightly buzzed students decided to provide C++ coding tutorials in Czech. Their motivation was that the quality of their faculty's C++ course was quite low[1], and students who were comfortable with English could easily find themselves better resources.

We quickly threw together a couple of "getting started on Platform X" style pages and then... nothing, because we managed to convince the faculty to let us modernise the C++ course. We decided to target C++14 and to place a strong focus on code correctness.

As the time went, we added two more articles covering more advanced topics, expanding upon new lectures or labs we were preparing at the time. However, we still lacked in motivation to update the site regularly, so the domain and the pages were left to languish. At some point they even could not be accessed anymore, as the hosting had finally died.

Eventually I found myself with too much free time[2] again and decided to resurrect the Coding Nest, this time in English and with a broader focus. It should still be a technical place, but no longer does it have to contain only C++ tutorials and nothing else, instead it should provide access to little pieces of knowledge on diverse technical topics.

Hopefully what you find here proves helpful.

  1. To the point, where a student who passed the course with an A spent a year working on C++ code for his thesis without knowing what are virtual destructors. ↩︎

  2. By this, I mean procrastinating instead of writing my diploma thesis. ↩︎