Modern SAT solvers: fast, neat and underused (part 1.5 of N)

In part 1 of this series, we built a Sudoku solver based on translating Sudoku to SAT and then giving the resulting SAT instance to a SAT solver. We also »

NDC TechTown and CppCon trip report

I just got home from the second conference I gave a talk at during September and decided to write about my experiences while I am slowly decompressing. »

Modern SAT solvers: fast, neat and underused (part 3 of N)

In the previous two parts we used a SAT solver as a black box that we feed input into, and it will (usually quickly) spit out an answer. In this part, we will look at how SAT solvers work and what heuristics and other tricks they employ in their quest for performance. »

I am on Patreon now

There were some questions on how to support my work (mostly because of Catch2), so I am on Patreon now. I also set up a PayPal link for people who would either prefer a one time donation, or to not use Patreon. »

The future of Catch2

I am planning to create a branch for the next major version of Catch2 soon, and doing so brings some questions about Catch2's future. »